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JET Traductions

Copywriting and editing website content

JET Traductions is a French to English translation agency headed by Jackie Eales. Jackie contacted me to rewrite and edit some of the English content for her website. She was concerned that parts of the copy, which had been written by another copywriter, wasn't striking the right tone for her target audiences. 

I took the time to delve deeper and understand what wasn't working, learn more about Jackie, and get to grips with the target audiences. I then provided my edits and suggestions and we worked collaboratively to reach a end product that Jackie was happy with.


Jackie Eales
JET Traductions

Hannah is a truly talented copywriter. She helped me produce the English copy for my website and was a pleasure to work with. She understood quickly what I was looking for, knew how to strike the right chord in terms of tone of voice and offered some very helpful suggestions during the writing process. I definitely recommend her services!


Taking the time to have a face-to-face chat to discuss the brief put me at ease. I appreciated how she took control of the process, which left to me would have gone on forever!

This being my first experience using the services of a copywriter, I realised how easy it is to "miss the target". But Hannah proved very attentive to my brief. She even went the extra mile to make sure my own texts were consistent with the quality of her copy.

Website content: JET Traductions

I reviewed and edited the content for Jackie Eales' website, JET Traductions.

Below are snapshots from some of the published pages. Please see the live website for more detail.

Snapshots of the published homepage

JET homepage1.JPG
JET homepage2.JPG
JET homepage3.JPG

Snapshots of the published 'About' page (see live about page)

JET about 2.JPG
JET about 1.JPG
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