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Translation | Copywriting | Transcreation


French to English (UK or NZ)

If you’re a Francophone business looking to reach British or New Zealand customers or clients, I can help.


I create accurate, creative, and compelling FR-EN translations that sound like they were originally written in English. I especially enjoy working on creative translations where the message intent is of prime importance.

My areas of specialism are marketing, higher education, and food and drink. I’m also particularly interested in sustainability and the environment, exercise and wellness. 

I regularly translate:

  • blog posts

  • webpages

  • whitepapers and ebooks

  • print and digital adverts

  • emails and newsletters

  • reports

Recent translation projects

  • translation of content relating to a recycling plant's ecological footprint

  • translation of a whitepaper on user testing of websites in the DIY, home and living sector

  • translation of a landing page about interest rate risk management for a software provider

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Related services

SEO Translation

Your texts translated according to search engine optimisation best practice to help you rank where it counts.


Identifying and correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Bilingual revision

Checking the target text against the source text
(+ proofreading)


Improving the style and flow of the text (+ bilingual revision and/or proofreading)

What clients say

'I have the pleasure of working with Hannah on a regular basis on translation services for the food industry. These services are always of high quality, accurate and relevant. Responsive, Hannah knows how to respond to her clients' needs with enthusiasm and kindness. A real pleasure. I highly recommend Hannah for your translation projects'


Copywriting and content writing

Content that captivates

Looking to build your brand’s reputation? Grow your web presence or improve search rankings? Reach more customers or clients? Cut through the corporate-speak?


High-quality content can help. And that's where I come in.

I help businesses across a range of industries with well-researched, persuasive content that really speaks to their target audience. Clients often ask me to adapt or localise their content to suit a British or New Zealand audience, taking into account not only spelling and usage changes, but also cultural references and examples. And I can help by revising, editing, and proofreading texts that have already been written.

I regularly write content for:

  • blog posts

  • webpages

  • whitepapers and ebooks

  • print and digital adverts

  • emails and newsletters

  • social media

Recent content writing and copywriting projects

  • adaptation and rewriting of blog posts and webpages for a survey platform provider from US to UK English

  • creation and proofreading of newsletter, social media, and website content relating to the launch of an online course on SEO translation

  • text for an animated video about a new software release

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What clients say

'Over the past 6 months, Hannah has been a content writer for an important client of ours who wants to expand their SEO content. Her articles are always well-written and thoughtfully researched, as underscored by the great feedback she receives from our client. Hannah has also demonstrated outstanding reliability and is easy to communicate with. It’s a pleasure to work with her!'



French to English (UK or NZ)

If you’re looking to adapt an advertisement, marketing campaign, website or email content to your British or New Zealand audience, transcreation may be the best option.

It’s a ‘free’ approach to translation which uses copywriting techniques combined with in-depth cultural knowledge to encourage your target audience to take action – whether that’s signing up to a mailing list, buying your product, or clicking through to your website to find out more. It typically involves more input from the client to ensure the tone of voice, style, and message are just right. 


My knowledge of advertising and marketing best practices means I’m especially well-placed to help with this work.

Transcreation works well for this type of content:

  • blog posts

  • articles

  • editorial content

  • website content

  • print and digital adverts

  • emails and newsletters

  • social media posts

To find out more about what transcreation involves and see if it's right for your project, please get in touch with me. I'd be happy to help.

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