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Orwell Solutions

SEO, copywriting and advertising work

Orwell Solutions, a London-based company, provides software as a service (SaaS) to builders to help them estimate, quote, and invoice jobs. Having been operating successfully in the UK for several years, they were launching in the US. I worked with them help build their presence in the US.

The brief was to:

  • increase traffic to, and conversions on, the US website, through SEO (including keyword research and website editing), and PPC adverts

  • reorganise and rewrite pages and content to build a brand that inspired trust and conveyed experience and expertise, and to make the website more user-friendly

This work resulted in 35 conversions (people signing up for a free trial),
1,107 new users visiting the site, and a total of 1,263 sessions.
This has generated a great deal of work for the team, who are now
responding to customer feedback and making software tweaks to finesse
their product.

A few sample pages are included below.

Website content: about page

Previously, there was no ‘about us’ page. I created one as I believe it was
necessary to start building trust, explain about the company’s history,
introduce the team and convey their tone of voice (an easy going,
approachable small business). See the live page.

Orwell about.JPG

Website content: software features

Previously, there was duplicate content on several the website’s pages
(which would negatively affect the site’s SEO), and much of the content on these pages was too jargon-heavy for the target audience. Therefore, I extracted the key information and adapted the content. See the live page.

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