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Translation of blog posts and whitepapers

Testapic helps global companies understand how users perceive and experience their websites through remote user testing and analysis of the results.

I work with them to translate blog posts and whitepapers from French to British English on a range of topics related to user experience and remote user testing. The purpose of these texts is to demonstrate their expertise to potential clients. 

Blog post: Optimised customer portals – an undervalued asset

As well as translating these texts into English, I also regularly offered suggestions for other changes that would make the text more relevant to its Anglophone audience, such as providing alternative examples of current clients.

Below are snapshots of the English and French (source text) versions of this page. Please see the live English page and the live French page for more detail.

Snapshot of the English page (my translation)

Testapic_optimised customer portals_EN.J

Snapshot of the French page (source text)

Testapic_optimised customer portals_FR.J
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