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Translating your vision into persuasive content

Translator: French to English (UK & NZ) | Marketer | Copywriter

I translate from French to English and craft creative content from scratch. I can ensure your message resonates with your target audience.

About me

My name is Hannah Lawrence.

I worked in marketing in higher education for six years, before pursuing my MA Specialised Translation at the University of Westminster in 2018/19.


Marketing, copywriting, and translation are complementary skills, and I am delighted to be able to combine these three areas in my freelance career.


Discussing the Numbers

Translation (French to English - UK or NZ)

Accurate, compelling translations for a variety of mediums across a range of topics. Current specialisms: marketing and higher education. Specialisms in progress: food and drink, travel and tourism. I also work in transcreation and SEO translation, revision, editing, or proofreading, and subtitling.



Help preparing and managing digital or print advertising campaigns, social media, and website content. I also provide search engine optimisation (SEO) consultation and content.

Laptop Work


I'm skilled at adapting jargon-filled business-speak, to something that resonates with your target audience. I have experience researching and working across a variety of industries.

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